Unofficial update for 1.58 by Phreaker v0.4

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Unofficial update for 1.58 by Phreaker v0.4


BOT: Admin
Multi Plugin: 12Christiaan
Map Plugin: p627
Wikia Plugin: Lucifer
Factory Plugin : Phreaker

Changes from the Official 1.58

Update #04 06 March 2011

- Disable Signature Reward in wall Plugin as it make city unbootable. thx to crypnite for the report.

Update #03 05 March 2011

- Updated Unlimited Link plugin to include the new material
- Added new Factory Plugin
- Hide (Warning: fread(): Length parameter must be greater than 0) warning until it can be fixed

Update #02 02 March 2011

- for now reverted back the original exe. [ Note it means you may need to Right Click the exe and choose Run As Administrator if you are running as standard user or uac is enabled)
- Added auto start so you can automatically start the bot (no need to press the start button) when running the exe, to enable go to settings and choose Auto Start to Yes.
- Fixed many typo in couple of plugins
- Fixed state doesn't match when you accept neighbor help and harvest at the same time.

Update #01 28 February 2011

- Updated Multi Plugin to Multi 29
- Fixed "Start accepting work from Neighbors."
- Added Social Level in User Info *suggested by Jimmymiller
- Added City Name in User Info
- Fixed the need to click play every time the session expire (AMFPHP_RUNTIME_ERROR) or when a new game version is released.
- Added Unlimited Link v2.1 (added material for the factory)
- Added wikia in ExeAutostart.php so it can run without having to start the bot first
- Moved the hashed image to assets folder, from the default in the tmp_dir so you don't have to download the images again
- Changed the CVbot.exe so if you run as standard user, it will ask to run as administrator (cos the bot need to run as administrator)
- Changed the CVbot.exe button to use the windows styles (it look a bit nicer )
- Added Premium Goods in bot info
- Updated Supply Business Function to make it more compatible with the new factory
- Update Map Plugin to 1.7
- Quick Fix for Send Ship not working (Not yet fully tested, report please)
- Fixed Buildings Plugin not saving Send Ship information *reported by Pin_cushion

My changes for Official 1.57 that are now included in Official 1.58
- Added Selectable Rent in buildings plugin, so you can select the rent you want to collect *suggested by SeeingMole
- Fix Not Getting Any Streak Bonus
- Fixed "You already have visited this neighbor. No rewards" error, when you still have 5 action. by Disabling Streak bonus for Accepting Neighbor Help, as it give OOS ERROR
- Duplicate Accept Neighbor Help function to crops plugin from the neighbors plugin, so you can accept neighbor help before harvesting crops. *suggested by SPOONS
- Fixed Cut Tree Not Working in Buildings Plugin
- quick fix for AMFPHP_RUNTIME_ERROR v2 for zynga 17 February 2011 Update

How to use:
1. Download the file or here
2. Extract to any folder you want (eg. desktop)
3. Run CVBot.exe (If it ask to be run as administrator then confirm it, as the bot need to run as administrator)

If you don't know how to Configure The Bot
then read the complete How To Use The Bot Guide, the link is on my signature

a. if you get script error, it means the ads in the plugin is broken, just press no it will continue normally.
b. if you still get those "You already have visited this neighbor. No rewards", remember that those reward reset every 24 hours (1xp,1energy) and every 12 hour for the 5 action, and remember there's a max reward you get when you visiting your neighbor, the max is based on your social level, so if your social level is 20 then you can only get reward from 20 neighbor (1xp & 1 energy), and the rest of your neighbor you will only get the 5 action, if you use the bot then it will show "You already have visited this neighbor. No rewards"
c. but if on game you have 5 action but the bot doesn't recognized it then follow this instruction viewtopic.php?f=25&t=4174&p=22884#p22883
d. delete the plugin you don't use in the plugins folder, to make the bot run faster. ( DO NOT DELETE PluginsManager FOLDER )

If you like this modified update then say thanks